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Competition Details


Full-time architecture students in Year 3 or above from The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Chu Hai College of Higher Education are invited to contribute ideas and innovative proposals to the design for the MRC to beef up the public recreation offerings within the community.


Ideas and proposals of all entries, either in entirety or in part, may be implemented by HKR. The team(s), whose ideas and proposals are selected for implementation, may be invited to participate in the MRC design development stage.

Currently, the MRC under planning has a total gross floor area of 13,000 square metres in the upland of DB. It will provide various recreational and adventure facilities for the public.

The MRC will comprise different functional spaces including:

1) Main Building
2) Organic Farming Centre
3) Adventure Centre
4) Open Space Activities

Participants are welcomed and encouraged to suggest any recreational facilities for the adventure centre. The
suggested facilities should attract public to visit the MRC and become an icon of DB. In addition, such facilities should be well integrated with other spaces in MRC architecturally and functionally.


Sustainability, environmental friendly and harmony with its surroundings would be the main themes of the MRC. The architecture should promote these concepts in all aspects. Participants may also consider to incorporate other environmental ideas, like food waste decomposing cycle, aquaponic farming etc. into their design proposal.



Applicants must fulfil BOTH criteria below:

1.   Full-time student at one of the below three institutions:

- The University of Hong Kong

- The Chinese University of Hong Kong

- Chu Hai College of Higher Education

2.  Architecture student in his/her third year of study or above

Interested personnel can apply individually or as a team (no more than 4 persons).

Entry Submission

Entries shall reach the Organiser no later than 17:00 on 28 January 2022 (Fri) and must comply with the requirements set out in the Competition Document.


A total of 8 prizes would be awarded. Any contestant whose design idea is adopted by HKR may have the opportunity to see certain parts of the design being implemented and built.

  1.  Top 3 Prizes

- HK$ 50,000 cash for the 1st prize

- HK$ 30,000 cash for the 2nd prize       

- HK$ 20,000 cash for the 3rd prize

   2.  Other 5 Finalist Entries

  - HK$ 5,000 cash each

The Organiser and Jury Panel reserve the right not to award any prize if the quality and the standard of the Entries are considered to be unsatisfactory.


HKR intends to adopt suitable elements of the design ideas and concepts of any entries. Consideration may also be made to integrate suitable parts or elements from the design ideas into the design development and construction stage of the MRC.

Any competing teams whose design ideas are adopted by HKR may have the chance to be invited to participate and work with the consultant team in the design and implementation stage of the MRC.

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