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Jury Panel

紫色 - 藍色漸變

Meet the Judges

Donald Choi.jpg
Mr. Wilson Cheung.jpg

Mr. Wilson Cheung
Representative of
Hong Kong Resort Company Limited

Mr. Donald Choi
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

David Lee - Business Photo.jpg

Mr. David Lee
Representative of
Hong Kong Resort Company Limited

Cary CHAN_portrait_1.jpg
Hendrik's photo.jpg

Ir Dr Cary Chan
Executive Director
Hong Kong Green Building Council

Mr. Warren Stuart
Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports

Prof. Hendrik Tieben 
Director, School of Architecture
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. Paul Chu
Head, Department of Architecture
Chu Hai College of Higher Education


1) Creativity, Originality and Relevance to the Objectives
2) Aesthetics and Identity 
3) Functionality and Buildability 
4) Integration of the Complex 
5) Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness
6) Playability of Suggested Adventure Activities
7) Cost Effectiveness

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